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I was very fortunate to be referred to them after an accident that resulted in needing an implant. I was told exactly what needed to be done, how long it would take and the exact cost before agreeing to have the service done. There was no hidden cost to surprise me later. Also, the staff is professional, friendly and caring of their patients.


The best Periodontist, the best office and staff! They are very professional and friendly. They care about their patients and take time for each patient. I didn’t feel like I was being rushed out and the doctor took her time to answer all of my questions. Dr. Bodapati is the best! My procedure turned out Wonderful! I will definitely recommend them to everyone.

LaTasha H.

The team at Texas Periodontist is amazing. Dr. Bodapati was able to quickly assess that a crown required extraction (turned out to be broken) and provided the option of an implant. The procedure was painless and timely, being done right at the expected time. The post procedure pain was minimal and very easily managed. Even with expert care, the entire staff seems to be focused on the patient. From front office to dental staff, everyone goes out of their way for patient comfort and clear communication. I was surprised that one of the dental assistants recognized me with a face covering and took the time to wave hello and even check in on a follow up. Thank you, Dr. Bodapati, Olivia, Maria, and the rest of the team for a great experience!

Vic P.

Dr. Gupta and his staff are wonderful. They always take great care and are sensitive to patient needs. Awesome place!

Jill G.

I’m a periodontist and Dr. Sree Bodapati is my periodontist. I think that speaks for itself.

Dr. Lin

I never had a tooth pulled. I had a rear crowned tooth loose, bone loss and infection. These people are awesome. I was scared to death, Maria explained everything, knocked me out and Dr Gupta did his magic, my husband said the tooth was cracked/broken. Anyway , my husband walked me to the car, then to my bed @ home, (don't remember any). No Pain even after the surgery. Love Yall

Judy H.

Great experience. Little to no wait time before my appointment, received great advice and very professional. Would 100% recommend.

Emma C.

My experience here has been exceptional. I’ll highly recommend them. The staff are professional and very accommodating.

Kevin W.

Where do I start!!! I’m so grateful my dentist referred me to Texas Periodontist. Dr. Bodapati and her staff made my day. Dayza, Olivia and the other young lady were very professional. I left feeling so much better and fully understood what to expect with my dental care. Dr. Bodapati took her time explaining her recommendations and insurance coverages. She also answered all the questions I had! Thank y’all so much!

Shaiquiesha J.

Dr. Gupta is excellent. He is very reassuring and thoroughly explained the procedure. He does not skimp on time with the patient. The staff is good at following up.

John T.

My first visit with Sandra for a cleaning. I was very impressed. She was both gentle and very knowledgeable. I have been seeing periodontists for over 40 years and I can truly say I feel very much at home!

Suzanne S.

This is a great place to go take care of your teeth..The team was very professional examining and providing solutions by priority. I felt that I was in good hands.. All the people were very gentle and kind to me. They explained very well what was going on.

Juany S.

The team at Texas Periodontist made me feel comfortable from step 1 all the way to the end. I had to get an unexpected gum graft and it couldn't have gone better. The doctor was very thorough and explained all my options to me and made the procedure go very smoothly!!

Jen C.

Dr. Bodabati is amazing. She will go above and beyond to help you to resolve your dental problems and situation like nobody else in town. Highly recommend to everyone.

Svetlana B.

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