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Our state-of-the-art facility is packed with leading technologies to ensure you receive faster, more comfortable, and more effective treatment.

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Fotona LightWalker® Laser

As a multi-function laser, this powerful tool can be used for many treatments including root canals, gummy smiles, periodontal issues, sleep apnea with NightLase®, SmoothLase® to induce skin collagen and smooth skin, and LipLase® to help plump and create fuller lips.

X-Guide® Dynamic 3D Navigation

This high-level technology allows Dr. Gupta to plan for, and place, dental implants at the precise position, angle, and depth that is best for the patient and the longevity of the implant. The X-Guide® implant planning software allows dentists to virtually visualize the best esthetic placement of the implant, and 3D navigation during the procedure gives your doctor guided control - all resulting in a more functional and beautiful outcome. This tool makes same-day implants possible for more patients seeking their perfect smile.

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Utilizing an advanced ultrasonic instrument, our experienced team is able to make precision incisions into the bone without the potential for damaging surrounding areas including gums, cheeks, and tongue. These smaller, minimally invasive incisions lead to faster healing, less swelling, less bleeding, and a better patient experience.

Advanced 3D High-Definition Imaging

Precision imaging means precision treatment. Without the discomfort of traditional bitewings, our cone beam imaging system provides a high-definition anatomical scan producing 3-D images of the bones, teeth, nerves, sinuses, and structure of the head, face, neck and jaw. The resulting images are free of distortion, anatomically precise, and well beyond the exactitude of traditional X-rays.

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Robox 3D Printed Surgical Guides

Using the state-of-the-art Robox micro-manufacturing platform, we are able to combine the power of meticulous surgical planning with 3D printed surgical guides to ensure precision implant placement.

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